Thursday, February 21, 2008


Arrived home around 9:30 pm. The flight from Charlotte to Norfolk (ORF) was delayed and was looking for volunteers to take later flights. We noted that an earlier flight to ORF was cancelled and that dumped a lot of people on our flight. We cleared the airport quickly, car was fine, all bags made it. In short a successful trip.
We are glad to be home even though it is half the temperature it was in KW. 41 when we pulled in the drive with rain on the way.
Next step laundry and mop up.
Got some great news while we were in Charlotte. The Outer Banks Visitors Bureau board agreed to recommend a $109,000 grant for the Eure Outer Banks Arts Center. This is something I have been working on since Sept. It took a lot of people doing a lot of work but it is a major piece of that puzzle.

Over the weekend I will try to put the finishing touches on the blog. More photos, more details and more polish.
Thanks for joining us in KW.

In Charlotte

Sitting in Charlotte Airport. Our flight from KW was delayed but we got out and made our connection in Ft. Lauderdale. That flight was delayed into Charlotte and there appear to be a lot of delays so we are not sure what the status of our Norfolk flight will be.

Saw Betsy and Ed at the KW Airport. It was a great vacation.

Time to go check on the flight.

Time to go - Last Post

Pretty sunrise for our last day. Yesterday just went by without a post.

Tues. trip to Fort Jefferson was very rough and very impressive. The fort is amazing but the ride out was really rough and about half the people on the boat were seasick. I got very queasy but held it down. I did a little snorkeling and it was pretty murky. Saw a few fish and some small coral but not much. Dinner was at Camille's with all 6 of us and it was GREAT/. Service was slow because our waitress was slammed but the food was first class.

Dorothy and Jeff left yesterday. I think they had a great time. We spend the day packing up and wandering around. Did some souvenir shopping. Read some. Lunch was the Beach Cafe. My Mango Pork BBQ was great but it upset Carole's stomach. She read, rested and talked on the phone. ;

Later Betsy Ed and I wandered down Duval in search of music. There was lots of entertainment (in th form of people on Duval) but not much good music. The band at the Green Parrot (hereinafter known as the GP) canceled so no sound check. The guys at Sloppy Joes were more into toilet comedy than good tunes. We settled at Hogs Breath and had good bar food, burgers, chili dog, and fries. We helped several people make a statement on the web cam.

OK so this is the last post for KW. It has been a great trip. Lots of photos yet to come. Fort Jeff, Sunset at Mallory even some shots from today. Thanks for taking the trip with us. See you back in NC.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Walk

A few shots from a quick walk. For individual photos or a better slide show you can go to the Picasa Web Album.

Monday morning and back to Sunday nigh

Quick post. Short walk Monday, sat by the Cuban Cafe and drank my con leche, took a few photos of coconuts, flowers and Louie's Backyard a great local restaurant. Betsy and Ed ate there yesterday and were really displeased with a rude hostess. Carole and I got rude treatment there 10 years ago. We ne never did eat there. Dinner Sunday night was duck for Dorothy, Jeff and Bob. Carole had meatloaf. We ate at Alice's Restaurant – serving Key West Fusion Confusion cuisine. It was excellent.

Jeff caught a great concert on Sunday afternoon. A classical pianist performing at a local church. He and I went to the Green Parrot in search of music but weren't overwhelmed with the band.

Monday has been pool, reading and working on Mallory Sq. fotos (to stay out of the sun)

No post tomorrow. We are off to the Dry Tortugas. A great snorkeling and photo spot. Its an all day trip. Betsy, Ed, Jeff and Bob are going and Bob is really looking forward to it.

Mallory Square performer photos

Some of my images from the sunset celebration. To see individual photos or a better slide show you can go to the Picasa Web Album.

Sunday afternoon and sunset at Mallory Square

No trip to Key West would be complete without a stop at Mallory Square for the traditional sunset celebration. For the uninitiated, everyone in Key West (well all the tourists or at least most of them) gathers about an hour before sunset in a large open area overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and of course the setting sun. Vendors of all varieties set up their wares, all types of food and drink are available from funnel cake to fruit punch and from popcorn to Planters Punch. Lots of beer, cameras and people. Spread out around the square are street performers, jugglers, card sharps, a tight rope walker and of course the guy with the trained cats, yeah trained cats that jump through hoops, fiery hoops even, and walk a rope, sit, roll over and generally ham it up. Topping this scene is lots of tropical music. Steel drums, guitars even a flutist gently blowing a jazz tune. Mix in a couple thousand sun drenched (and rum soaked) visitors and you have quite a scene. On the Gulf all sorts of pleasure craft, some chartered, some private cruise slowly by watching both the sun and the scene. It is what Margaritaville is all about fun and sun(set).

Anyway I wandered down tonight (Sunday). It was very crowded. Lots of kids and cameras. Watched a guy who had women from the audience, a complete stranger, stand on this stomach while he lay on a bed of nails, no kidding. Sat and watched a juggler toss flaming torches, knives and then hatchets. He closed by getting on a 7 ft. unicycle and juggling all three at the same time. Listened to some music then tried to capture the magic of a cat jumping through a flaming hoop.

The sunset was reminiscent of a Penguin Isle fall or summer sunset. Lots of color, with sail boats silhouetted in the background. It was quite picturesque what with the sail boats, the islands and of course the beautiful sunset.

As I post this I have worked on photos of the performers but not the sunset itself. So enjoy the freaks now, the pretty stuff is coming.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Walk

Dorothy and I did about 8 or 9 miles this morning. A nice 2 and an half hour walk from the hotel to the nothern end of the island then back down the center and across to the hotel. It was hot and I got a lot of sun but I am recovering. It didn't help that I was a little hung over this morning. My night of revelry had a price. We made it fine and saw some sites. We met 2 teenage girls who had been walking the opposite direction for half hour looking for Smathers beach. They were a little disappointed to discover they still had about another mile or more to go. I think mom and dad may have gotten a rescue call.

Tommorow will be a quick bike ride and recovery from today's efforts. Then Tues. is snorkiling day. I am getting excited. I think tonight will be sunset at Mallory Sq. night then maybe some music at Hogs Breath (saloon).

Here is a quick slide show:

My cute young models.

While walking on Duval after dinner I stopped I a hat shop. 3 very cute young women came in as I was leaving (I think they were swimsuit models tying to travel incognito). One complimented me on my camera. Long story short here are the 3 photos. I gave them a card and we went our separate way. I will let you know if I hear from them. The retouched photos are going on Flickr. One commented that she was on Flickr a lot and the card had my bobxnc user name.

Betsy and Ed Arrive for Sat. nigth

The gang is all here. My younger sister Betsy and her husband Ed flew in from Boston late Sat. afternoon. They were in their room before we realized they had arrived. We gathered at the tiki bar for a celebratory beverage before setting out for Mango's on Duval for dinner.

We had a great meal, sitting outside right on Duval St, watching the free show walking by. Dinner was very good. I had yellowtail snapper with veggies and mashed tators. All in all a very satisfactory evening. The rest of the crew headed back to the hotel after dinner by I lingered and stopped by the Green Parrot to hear a 3 piece blues combo. I lasted for one set, about 80 minutes worth. They were good but not outstanding. Still this was the first live music I have heard in KW this year. It was a good treat. I made it home safely around midnight, none the worse for wear for a couple KW Sunset ales. Very nice beer.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sat. walk and pool photos

Shots from our adventures on Sat.
You can see the individual shots and a better slideshow at the Picassa Web Album.

Sat. Morning walk, pool and sushi


Sat. morning

Egg sand-wiches on Cuban bread with my cafe con leche this morning. Carole decided to have one as well. Dorothy and I set off on a 4 mile tune up for our big 8 miler tomorrow. We went down past the Hemingway house to Mallory Sq. Saw 2 cruise ships coming in. One was in the process of tieing up. Very interesting. Around the waterfront then back up Simonton just in time to meet Jeff at Camille's. They decided to try Cuban instead so we went back up the street and they had breakfast.

Carole and I returned to the quiet pool for a while. You can see some shots in the Sat. walk photos. Not so many pictures today. More Clapton then off to the sushi place for some tuna and a spider roll. The waitress, Adrienne, explained grades of sake and brought me a very nice glass of fairly dry sake. It was served chilled in a large shot glass. Very good. The sushi was as well. I will be back for more.

While we were at the pool Carole called George and Vicki Barnes. They are in Chapel Hill for a UNC ball game. We sent them a photo from my phone. We got a fairly polite reply considering it is exactly twice as warm here as there (4o in NC - 80 in KW). Life is tough. They would really enjoy this place. Hell who wouldn't. Mark maybe but thats about it.

Betsy and Ed are on the way. They want to go to the Dry Tortugas on Tues so I made reservations. I am really excited about this trip. It should be great fun.

Carole is napping. When she gets up its time to go shopping. Then welcome Betsy and Ed. It just keeps getting better and better.

Friday Afternon and the Cavlary arrives

Dorothy and Jeff arrive
Friday afternoon
Carole and I spent most of the afternoon by the second pool. This is a quieter spot. We read and swam and swam and read. Very relaxing.
I spent some time eavesdropping on a group of women who reminded me very much of "the Girls". Boy would we have fun here. Maybe, sometime.... we will try it.
Back to the room around 4:30 to await the arrival of the first family members to make the trip.
My older sister Dorothy and her husband Jeff finally arrived around 5:30. They had a good flight from LaGuardia to Miami then the quick hop down to Key West. This is their first trip. Once we got them settled in their room we got them oriented on the property: this is the pool, this is the tiki bar, this is the other pool, this is the tiki bar, this is the grocery store, this is the tiki bar, this is the tiki... Well you get the point. We had a cocktail at, yeah you guessed it, the tiki bar then dinner at the beach cafe. Carole and I figured they would enjoy a beachside meal. They did. Everyone seemed satisified with their meals. Jeff, Dorothy and I decided to take a Duval crawl.
They wanted to get a sense of what they had wandered into. We made it as far west as Sloppy Joe's before we headed back. They saw it all. Friday night was just getting rolling but it looked like it would be a good one. We stopped by the Green Parrot on the way back and agreed that we might try to catch a sound check (pre dinner) on night.
We discussed my proposed Dry Tortugas trip on Tuesday. I had also asked Betsy and Ed to consider this so I could book it on Sat.
After discussing our morning plans we all turned in.
I was still up so I started a new book. Eric Clapton's autobiography. It is excellent. Very revealing and very cleanly written. I am enjoying it enough to put aside the Revolutionary war for a while,

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday ride photos

Starting at the Southernmost point in the USA a little ride around Key West.
For individual shots and a larger slide show go to my Picasa Web Album

Shell Car

Ok, Key West has some strange sights but few stranger than this car. Its covered in shells and plastic fish. IT getting a little worn but it is still impressive.
To see all the shots and a larger slide show go to my Picasa Web Gallery

Friday Bike ride

riday bike ride
Set off this morning to scout out a route for my sister Dorothy (the voice from Dobbs Ferry NY) and me to walk on Sunday. She wants to do about 8 miles so I mapped out a circumnavigation of the island. The bike paths are great. There is good sidewalk or bike path everywhere. It will be an easy walk with good views of the water most of the time.
Saw them cleaning, grading the beach morning. This is an interesting operation that involves running a rake along the beach and picking up the sea grass that has washed up. It leaves nicely graded beach without foot prints.
Around the north east corner and along the northern shore. This used to be house boat row with lots of houseboats moored along the beach. They were run off and now you find the houseboats moored at the public docks. You can see some of the most sophisticated in the shots from todays ride. (next post)
Perhaps the most remarkable thing was the Shell Car but it gets its on entry, so read on.
Dorothy and Jeff arrive this afternoon. That will be fun. We plan to take them to the Tiki bar then break them in easily at the beach cafe to give them a quiet introduction. Betsy and Ed arrive on Sat and then the games should really begin.

Valentines Day Dinner

Had a great dinner at the Beach Cafe. We had the same waiter we had on Monday night. Some new clothes for Bob and a heart patterned shirt for Carole. It was a very nice dinner. Carole had chicken marsala from the menu while I had the prix fixe meal with gazpacho, 2 perfectly cooked lamb chops with glazed carrots and asparagus. For desert we split my chocolate lava cake. Really nice meal.
We listened to more of the audio book before retiring. I didn't make it down to the Green Parrot. Maybe tonight.
If you notice a difference in the quality of some images there is a reason. These and the "Coming Down" images were shot with a Koday point and shoot rather than the Nikon I ususally use.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday morning images

Shots from my bike ride this morning. A trip down a different looking Duval St. then to the waterfront and the Mallory Sq. area.

For a larger slide show or to view individual images click on the slide show. Of you can click on this link to my Picasa Web Album.

Valentines Day. Morning and afternoon.

Thurs. morning

Bob was out the door around 7 for a bike ride while Carole rested. About 10 it was pool time. Lots of sun and a bit of wind but it was great to read beside the pool. Photos from the bike ride were downloading and after a brunch at Camilles it was time to work on them and get this post ready.

I am looking forward to visiting the arts center by Mallory Square. You can see the enormous likeness of American Gothic outside this building. Last year there was a similar exhibition of sculptures based

Big plans tonight. We are going to a special dinner at the beach front restaurant. We exchanged cards and kisses for valentines but we are both looking forward to tonight. We may even get down to the Green Parrot for Jason Ricci and his band.

Photos from the Duval Crawl on Wed. night

For a larger slide show or to view individual images click on the slide show. Of you can click on this link to my Picasa Web Album.

Wed. afternoon and evening

Wed. afternoon and evening
We finally spend some time by the pool on Wed. afternoon but the rains came, serious rain. There was a tornado in Marathon associated with the front that came through. We beat a retreat to the room and read. Bob went to the lobby and worked on the Internet a little, checking email, news and blogs. We surfaced around 5:30 and had cocktails. Time for some phone calls and snacks.
At some point after the rains stopped we rented bikes for both of us. We are a little rusty on coaster brakes but hopefully it will all come together.
Dinner was at Camilles, again just around the corner. It was excellent. Carole had pork and Bob had sashimi appetizer and snapper for an entre. It was all excellent. Just right.
We walked back to the room and listened to our audio book for a while. When Carole was ready to drift off Bob decided to take a stroll down Duval St. to check out the nightlife.
Duval was crowded with revelers even at the early hour of 10 pm. Lots of action. Saw a near fight and caught some of a great band at the Green Parrot. Hopefully we can make it back there after dinner on Valentines.
Everybody was accounted for by about 11:30.
Photos to follow.

Counting down in Dobbs Ferry

OK, it's 11am Thursday and 24 hours from now we'll be in the air! The class presentation I have to give today at 4 is pretty much ready; I've only got another hundred pages of reading to do before then.

I lied about the times of our flights when we talked last night. I just looked it up and here's the truth: Leave LaGuardia at 10:40 am on AA flight 599, landing in Miami at 1:55 pm. Then we leave Miami at 3:55 pm on American Eagle flight 4935, landing in Key West at 4:54 pm.

So if all goes as planned, we should be there in time for a margarita by the pool (or on the beach?) before dinner (if that's what one drinks in Key West).

It has warmed up to about 40 degrees here today and is bright and sunny. But there is still a bunch of snow and ice on the ground from the storm of the last two days. Even this sun is not a temptation to stay here.

See you very soon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Photo album link

Sometimes the flash slide shows don't work exactly as advertised . You can find all the KW photo galleries at my Picassa Web Album (thanks Google for another free service)

Wed. Walk images

Images from my Wed. walk. Sunrise, some house boats, a couple of chickens and of course every place that

Click on the slide show to go to my gallery. This will let you get a larger slide show and see individual images.

Flowers from Wed. walk

Here are some flowers from my Wed. walk. KW is just lush. So much green that the flowers just really stand out.


Some signs that caught my I. Not sure why the KWPD ordered the submerged items to be dangerous but at least they let us know. This being KW license plates get very specific. A few more that are just neat.
Click on the slide show to go to my gallery. This will let you get a larger slide show and see individual images.

Wed. morning (and by now lunch)

Wed. morning.
Up early to try to get some sunrise shots. Took a long walk. Out to White St. then down Flager to First First leads across Rt.1 and down to the water front. Walking along the public piers you have to be amazed by the house boats. These are real houses floating on the water. Don't believe me look at the photos. Anyway. Stopped at the Paradise Cafe for con leche (Cuban coffee with milk and sugar). Great sidewalk sitting spot. Watch a couple eating breakfast feed a chicken and chicks that were patrolling the deck. Back along Caroline St. to Duval then back to the hotel. Stopped and got a con leche at the Cuban Cafe around the corner.
This is a really neat little walk up grille. There are tables on deck in front. Order and eat or take it out. Breakfast is egg sandwiches on cuban bread w/ ham or bacon. Lunch is cuban sandwiches and pork or chicken plates with rice and beans. Lots of choices all very good.
We ate here several times last year and I got my con leche here every morning. When I was getting ready to come down I was corresponding with a women who is on the board of the Outer Banks Community Development Corp. (CDC). Maria is Cuban born and lived in Fl. before moving to Nags Head. She was on vacation in Clearwater and had just left the keys. When I asked her for suggestsion for good cuban food in KW guess where she sent me. Yeah, the little cuban cafe next to the hotel. Small world.
Downloading photos takes a lot of time when you are doing simultaneous back up to DVD, so we went to the pool while Lightroom did its thing. Then we had Carole's left over chicken picata for lunch. WOW was that good. Now its time to work on photos then when the storm is over (did I mention we are about to have a massive thunderstorm) I will go to the pool, get on line and upload the photos and the blog.
Nap nap and read this afternoon, maybe rent bikes later and go find Carole a book. We'll see.
Made Valentine's dinner reservations at the beach front cafe. They are offering a prix fixe meal that looks really good. Got Carole a card yesterday at CVS. Need to see what else I can find. Saw a great gallery with painted tiles this morning maybe I will stop there.

A quiet afternoon and great evening

Tuesday was very rainy. It started on my walk and continued with showers throughout the day and into the evening. We visited with Rhonda at the Tiki bar for a while then went to the Cuban Cafe for cuban press sandwiches (roast pork on cuban bread). We spent the afternoon napping and reading. I am working on a comprehensive survey of the American Revolution The Glorious Cause by Robert Middlekauff. Right now we are working our way through the repeal of the Stamp Act. I was quite surprised by the level of violence prompted by the tax. Basically the northern colonies responded by destroying or threatening to destroy the homes of the tax collector. Much of the violence and the political debate prompted by the tax was in fact in fighting between factions in each colony. Connecticut had a political struggle about the role of religion at Yale College. The players in this battle rolled right into the Stamp Act debate as one side cast the other as taxers. Sounds a lot like the political battles going on today.
Walked down to Rt1 (Truman) to the CVS. Picked up a bunch of stuff we didn't bring like shampoo and razers (Thanks Homeland Security). Also got some snacks and wine for later.
Abbandonza for dinner was great. Its right around the corner and has huge portions. So large that I ordered just some minestrone and the antipasto salad. Carole had the chicken picata. It was good but not as good as the marsala Mon. night at the beach side cafe.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Photos from my walk on Tues. morning.

Some images from my walk today. I went out to Diggs beach started for Flagler beach before the rains came.
Some street scenes, a couple of flower macros and some beach scenes that show just how hard its blowing. The sign is for Webb Fuller who will appreciate the message.

Monday, We are here!! Now what?

Once we settled we made a beeline to lunch at the Southernmost Beach Cafe and Bar. This is the default place for meals. It is an open air restaurant located on the beach at the eastern end of Duval St.

We shared an order of chicken quesedilla and I had some excellent conch chowder. We toasted our trip and watch a few folks try to sunbath in somewhat windy conditions.

We wandered back to the hotel and stopped by the Tiki Bar. Our bartender friend Rhonda was working so Carole stopped and chatted while I messed with photos on the computer, answered some email and sent a quick blog post just so you (yes you) would know that we made it safely.

After a unpacking and taking nap we went back to the beach and had a quick dinner. Carole had the chicken marsala and declared it the best she had ever had. It was really good. The shitake mushrooms really made a difference. I had sesame and wasabi encrusted tuna steak. It was good but not as outstanding as Carole's dish. Still it was great to have some raw tuna, by a beach, in shorts and short sleeves. YEAH BABY.

The trip down.

We were up when the wake up call came at 5. Shower, a quick coffee and out the door into the 27 degree morning air. We checked all three bags curbside and I pared the Toyota in Garage B section 1G (B1G or big is my key to remember this. Norfolk Airport was crowded at 6 but we made it through screening with about 10 minutes to spare. We All the flights were full. Very crowded but everyone was friendly and eager to get going.

We settled in for an hour and a half in Charlotte. Time for coffee and a bagel (Bob) and a Pepsi (Carole) Here is a shot of Carole guarding our carry on stuff in Charlotte. We were in the wing with departures for Cancun and Montego Bay. Lots of excited people heading for fun in the sun.

The Douglas part of Charlotte Douglas International Airport is also the Douglas in McDonnell Douglas aircraft. They had an early plane hanging in the gate area.

Ever watch the

Departure from Charlotte was about a half hour late but we made the time up on the flight down. We hit Ft. Lauderdale around noon. Since our arrival and departure gates were adjacent we walk about 30 ft and settled in for a brief wait before our flight to Paradise.

The aircraft going was small and crowded. My computer bag wouldn't fit in the overhead so I had to but it under the seat which of course restricted my leg room even more. Still it was worththe discomfort.

We purchased an audio book for the trip and had all the cords and plugs needed to listen together but it was too noisy on the first leg. We managed a couple of chapters on the 2nd leg but that was all. I listened to music and Carole set new records on her portable Soduku game. She solved one in under 7 minutes WOW.

Arrival in Key West airport around 2. All the bags came through fine. The cabs were lined up waiting for the flight so we were whisked away by Noodles, our new best friend. Maxi Cab #32. We were whisked away but not before Carole changed herUgg clogs for some sandals. Ah to be warm at last.

When we got to the hotel check in was quick and easy. Our UPS boxes had arrived earlier that day so I had my camera bag, our beach bag and sunscreen etc. Life is good.

Monday, February 11, 2008

We here

Wheels down about 2 pm. taxi to the Southernmost. Then lunch at the beach club. Photos to follow. So far 3 people have accused me of working as I played on the computer. KW is serious about play.
Fotos to follow

Jealous in Dobbs Ferry

Well it was close to 0 degrees F. here last night with a fierce wind and this morning it has warmed up to 10. I can't imagine wearing anything less than seven layers. It will be difficult to pack without throwing in a lot of wool sweaters and sweatshirts - just in case. But it is inspiring to see the pictures of you two setting off. You are probably waiting in Charlotte now. I hope your flight was not rerouted. Send us lots of pictures of the warm weather and you two in skimpy clothes.

I have my Hebrew discussion group today at noon. It took me about six hours to translate 20 sentence fragments yesterday - I have forgotten EVERYTHING. There's a quiz tomorrow in class, and I am preparing myself to just subprime it. Later this afternoon, I am taking some people from church to look at stackable chairs. What an exciting life I lead!

Thanks for setting up this blog. I've never done this before, but it seems like fun.

5 am Norfolk. 27 degrees

The weather channel says its very cold outside. We need to make a 5 minute drive to the airport and we are in our KW clothes. It will be cold. (Oh BTW its 70 degrees at the Southernmost Hotel right now) YEAHHHHH!!.
Thanks to the Hampton Inn Airport for a great night's sleep.
Ciao for now

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Duval Beach Club

1405 Duval St
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 295-6550

Duval Beach Club - Great beachside bistro - A TripAdvisor Member, Outer - Mar 5, 2007
Come for breakfast and stay for lunch and dinner. Located just 20 yds. from the Atlantic, this place is unique in Key West. Open air, tin roof with casual dining all day. A great spot to sip...
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Having our wedding at the Duval Beach Club - A TripAdvisor Member, - Dec 5, 2006
The food is catered by the sister property of the Duval Beach Club - Kelly's Caribbean. SO good. We had the coconut shrimp and jerk chicken. The beach is small, but perfect for our 80 person...

Bob says: right around the corner from the hotel and with good food served right next to the beach.

Scrubs of Key West

720 Caroline St
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 295-7232

Fun souveniers - Pat L. - Oct 27, 2005
Whether you work in the health care industry or not, everyone loves the funky Scrubs of Key West. This is a wonderful, ...
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Bottlecap Lounge & Liquor Store

1128 Simonton St
Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 296-2807
Locals club around the corner from the hotel.

Green Parrot Bar

601 Whitehead St
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 294-6133

Key West's very own version of "Cheers." - No rating available - Maria Budet
Once you reach the Green Parrot, you may decide not to leave. Its laid-back, unpretentious atmosphere invites you to sit and relax. Reasonably priced drinks, billiard tables, darts, pinball,...
Local's spot - No rating available - freedomtrip - Jun 10, 2007
This is the local's bar. Cheap beer and great friendly conversation with locals who have been working on tour boats all day. This bar is open late and opens very early in the morning. There...
Green Parrot - a Locals Bar - No rating available - Ericasmurf99 - May 17, 2007
Well it used to be a locals bar anyway. Ever since Playboy magazine ranked The Green Parrot as one of their top twenty bars in America, it has been crowded ever since. Casual
P T's Bar & Grill
1 review - Write a review
920 Caroline St
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 296-4245
Bob says. Carole and I ate here the first time we came down. We haven't been back because we couldn't remember the name. Great locals spot. Good food baisc food.


310 Duval St
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 294-7511

Caroline's Cafe - No rating available
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A must for KW trips - A TripAdvisor Member, Miami, - May 17, 2007
I make a point of stopping at Caroline's every time I'm in Key West. My husband and I actually have cravings for their shrimp poboy. Staff is very friendly and it is very affordable. Can't...
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Suprisingly Tasty - A TripAdvisor Member, East - May 16, 2007
Really great salads, conch appetizer and fresh, fresh fish sandwiches! When we first went in I figured typical so-so food but great place to people watch. To my suprise food became the entertainme...
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Camille's Restaurant
Rated 3.9 out of 5.0 28 reviews - Write a review
1202 Simonton St
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 296-4811
Bob says. A breakfast must. Great French toast, great egg. 2 blocks from the hotel.
Abbondanza Italian Restaurant
Rated 4.3 out of 5.0
1208 Simonton St
Key West, FL 33040

(305) 292-1199

Bob says. Good Italian Rest. LARGE portions. Ate here last year. 2 blocks from the hotel

Croissants De France
Rated 4.6 out of 5.0 17 reviews - Write a review
816 Duval St
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 294-2624

New place. Sounds outstanding. Not 2 blocks from the hotel.


1100 Packer St
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 293-0304

Great Sushi! you much try the playmate roll. Still a small quaint place, and their never to busy. You don't have to worry about going on a night where you feel like another sardine. The food...
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Origami is better - A TripAdvisor Member, Key West - Apr 29, 2007
Hard to find but worth the effort,... - No rating available - JoeD5239 - Apr 6, 2007
definitely outside of the touristy parts of town. Great service and the food was outstanding. Dining there...
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Turtle Kraals Restaurant & Bar

231 Margaret St
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 294-2640

Great location but the food was spotty last time we were there. Might be worth a lunch to check it out.
Cafe Sole
Rated 3.9 out of 5.0
1029 Southard St
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 294-0230
Bob says. Looks like a good place. Lots of good reviews. Try the Hog Snapper.


532 Margaret St
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 295-1300

Michaels Restaurant Key West FL Review Gayot
Michaels brought USDA Prime beef to a charming Key West neighborhood restaurant, and became the steak-lovers destination on the island. Who wouldn’t rather eat a NY strip in a tropical garden...
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So Good I Ate There Two Days In A Row - A TripAdvisor Member, Houston, - Jul 30, 2007
This is THE restaurant in Key West, in my opinion. The porterhouse steak is just to die for, and the bread served with chilled butter is delicious and not just the same-old bread. The ambience...

Mangoes Restaurant & Catering
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700 Duval St
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 292-4606

Watch the world go by over light,... - No rating available - Bill Citara
Mangoes is the ideal illustration of the truism that sloth is the Keys' favorite leisure activity. As one of Key West's most popular lunch spots, Mangoes serves up light, simple fare during...
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Mangoes - No rating available
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Mangoes Restaurant Key West FL Review Gayot
Front row seats for watching the Duval Street “parade” of characters meets Floribbean fare at Key West's upscale Mangoes. Enormous white umbrellas shade the elevated patio from sun or rain,...
Bob says: We ate here last year and LOVED it. As the reviews suggest you eat outside just off Duval and you get to watch the Duval crawl and eat great food. Highly recomended.