Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday morning and back to Sunday nigh

Quick post. Short walk Monday, sat by the Cuban Cafe and drank my con leche, took a few photos of coconuts, flowers and Louie's Backyard a great local restaurant. Betsy and Ed ate there yesterday and were really displeased with a rude hostess. Carole and I got rude treatment there 10 years ago. We ne never did eat there. Dinner Sunday night was duck for Dorothy, Jeff and Bob. Carole had meatloaf. We ate at Alice's Restaurant – serving Key West Fusion Confusion cuisine. It was excellent.

Jeff caught a great concert on Sunday afternoon. A classical pianist performing at a local church. He and I went to the Green Parrot in search of music but weren't overwhelmed with the band.

Monday has been pool, reading and working on Mallory Sq. fotos (to stay out of the sun)

No post tomorrow. We are off to the Dry Tortugas. A great snorkeling and photo spot. Its an all day trip. Betsy, Ed, Jeff and Bob are going and Bob is really looking forward to it.

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