Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time to go - Last Post

Pretty sunrise for our last day. Yesterday just went by without a post.

Tues. trip to Fort Jefferson was very rough and very impressive. The fort is amazing but the ride out was really rough and about half the people on the boat were seasick. I got very queasy but held it down. I did a little snorkeling and it was pretty murky. Saw a few fish and some small coral but not much. Dinner was at Camille's with all 6 of us and it was GREAT/. Service was slow because our waitress was slammed but the food was first class.

Dorothy and Jeff left yesterday. I think they had a great time. We spend the day packing up and wandering around. Did some souvenir shopping. Read some. Lunch was the Beach Cafe. My Mango Pork BBQ was great but it upset Carole's stomach. She read, rested and talked on the phone. ;

Later Betsy Ed and I wandered down Duval in search of music. There was lots of entertainment (in th form of people on Duval) but not much good music. The band at the Green Parrot (hereinafter known as the GP) canceled so no sound check. The guys at Sloppy Joes were more into toilet comedy than good tunes. We settled at Hogs Breath and had good bar food, burgers, chili dog, and fries. We helped several people make a statement on the web cam.

OK so this is the last post for KW. It has been a great trip. Lots of photos yet to come. Fort Jeff, Sunset at Mallory even some shots from today. Thanks for taking the trip with us. See you back in NC.

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